After all this time working remotely, are you looking for a purposeful ‘team
building day’ that creates the opportunity to reconnect as a team/pod/business?

A chance to boost well-being and rebuild in-person relationships through
meaningful conversations and a fun barista training experience?

  2021 is all about partnerships! We now offer a facilitated Reconnect Team Day where you get to socialize, get creative and do some collaborative learning in a space specifically designed to enable human connection and engagement. This workshop is aligned on expectations and takes place within a relaxed coffee roastery environment!

Our approach

Together with the client we agree on an overall purpose, co-create an agenda according to the level of investment your company would like to make. 

An optional extra is to discover your Enneagram type (questionnaire & Discovery Session) with Health & Wellbeing Coach, Brett Simpson, a week beforehand.

This is a sense-making framework that offers in-depth insights to individuals, groups and collectives empowering them to take responsibility for their own behaviour and growth. This new awareness can then be incorporated into your day!

Who we are

  • Fabian (Fabino Owner) – Fabian made the journey from Switzerland to Cape Town & recognised the need for a high-quality, imported, ethically produced brand of coffee in South Africa and hence… Fabino!
  • Paula (IntaConnect Consulting) – An intuitive growth-oriented facilitator, Project Manager, Organisational Psychology major. Exploring Biomimicry and recently trained in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

We're Open 5 Days a Week

07:00 - 16:00


26 Paarden Eiland Street

Paarden Eiland

Cape Town


+27 067 290 4811